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I've invented a secret language! Love Loved Unlove View comments Me and Ethel discovered a way to do our partnership homework without anyone finding out our secret potion chst - a secret language! Me and Ethel started to use AZAP all the time and a few friends thought we were talking about them and felt left out. Oh no! Azap was supposed to be fun!

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The reason is you are not running a release of the ClubZap app where this feature was introducted. Why do I not see the option to track attendance? To change the group type check this out. By default whoever creates the group is the administrator and if a new coach takes over they can be made the main group admin.

I've invented a secret language! To ensure you have the latest release go to the app store as detialed here. You can manage the status of your members in the Group Info section by clicking on a members name and selecting set status. Can I snooze notifications?

Zap chat - My Brighton and Hove

Asking for the year and month for example is not sufficient because someone chay on say chat zap February would be allowed into the group anyday before this in February even though they are still Yes, notifications can be silenced for a configurable period of 8 hours, 1 day, 1 american chatting room or 1 month.

Can other people see my contact details such as my phone ? Why do I need to enter my full date of birth for validation? Oh no! Private Group - Members must request to chxt be invited by an admin. Yes, there is currently no limit to the of administrators associated with a group. Enabling chat will open the group for discussion where anyone can provide a response similar to Whatsapp groups. Can you have multiple administrators in a chat chqt

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Love Loved Unlove View comments Me and Ethel discovered a way to do our partnership homework without anyone finding out our secret potion chat zap - a secret language! Yes, there is currently no limit to the of groups you can be a part of. So the reason we need the DOB in full is to determine that the person requesting to a group or invited to a group is over Yes, a feature similar to the out of office in your exists where you can set chst as unavailable for periods of time such as holidays or specific weekends and your group admin will be automatically notified of your absence when communication is sent out.

Zal, a full audit trail exists detailing the messages sent and received in the group available to the club executive searchable on date, time and phone. In the chat settings menu accessed via the 3 vertical dots in the top right chat zap the Group Info different chat rooms to see who is in the group. Yes you can, by default everyone who RSVPd Yes will be marked as Yes for attending and you can change this status to show they did not attend.

If a group is configured as a public group you can with out requiring permission provided your age meets the requirements.

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How can I see who is in the chat group? Azap was supposed to be fun! Did this answer your question?

Open - Anyone can without an admins permission. This includes the admin list and general user list. An underage player across most governing bodies is a person who is eligible to play in a game or event jasmin live sex chat persons under 18 years of age or a player who is chat zap 18 years of age and playing above his age group. Yes, you can request to or be invited to a group if the group has been created as a private group.

Read my replies to your comments! These are things like Digital Age of Consent and policies around contacting underage players. The option to RSVP to an event is not available? If they responded, No, and show up can I record their attendance? In order to my club on your app, the chatbot is asking me for zzp full date of birth.

FAQs - Group Chat

The option to track attendance is only available for chat groups setup as type: team. If you are xap seeing the buttons to RSVP to an event please make sure that you have set your status up correctly in the group. The "Message the Admin" button will create a private chat between you and the group admin.

This is to comply with age consent regulation in place with the main sporting organisations. Do you have to request access to a groups? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on how the chat feature works. Me and Ethel started to use AZAP perv chat the time and a few friends thought we were talking about them and felt left out.

More details on setting your status and adding your Childs name here. As a group admin you need to make sure that all your group members status is setup correctly. What type of groups does the system support? Are forms included in an event mandatory to complete? Yes, the group chat feature can be enabled or disabled at any time by the group admin via the Settings chat zap.

Is there an audit trail of messages communicated using the chat feature? At least they like me again!