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Vocabulary Week 1 1. Originated in the early s and has now been combined with the Internet.

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JPEG file format is often used for high-quality photographic images. Allows live feeds, Web site creates the audio stream and serves the audio just a few seconds after it happens.

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The gateway exists so as to allow a web-site to present one face to the spyder, and another to human viewers. Distributing a sound bite from a movie or a picture of a cartoon character can be a copyright violation. If your site uses frames, consider providing a gateway or adding al links within the framed s.

A typical family car may have 20 embedded chips, controlling things such as the fuel in the engine, air bags, remote keyless entry, radio, CD changer, and dashboard displays. The next time the user accesses that site, the information in the cookie movile sent back to chat rooms dangerous site so the information displayed can vary depending on the user's preferences. Mail servers: Mail servers handle incoming and outgoing e-mail.

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Tips to make site easy to navigate: Be flexible. Shareware: Computer programs chat privately are easily available for you to try with the understanding that, if you decide to keep the program, you will send the requested payment to the shareware provider specified in the program. But larger files mean longer downlo even with high-quality sound.

Other choices include the CyberCash wallet. Computer monitor, television screen, telephone earpiece. An advantage of ActiveX is the ability to re-use software components. ISPs support modems at Thread: A thread is a message on a particular topic, along with all the responses to that message, etc. Bit: The smallest unit of measure for computer data.

You use a newsreader program to subscribe to a newsgroup, read the messages posted to that newsgroup, and post your own messages. Anit-aliasing increases file size and unintended intermediate colors along the edges of objects.

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Other choices include the CyberCash wallet. It is easy chta find reliable product information and there are no salespeople. You use the TV screen as a monitor and your remote control to browse Web.

Mega: Prefix meaning one million 1, 6. Web s are stored in files that usually have the extension. ISPs are companies that provides s allowing customers to access the Internet, typically through Dial-Up Networking.

Laclede County Health Department | National Prevention Information Network | Connecting public health professionals with trusted information and each other

Router: A computer-switching program that transfers incoming messages to out-going pathways via the most efficient route possible. Telnet: A program that lest you log in to some other computers on the Internet. Web s are stored in files that usually have the extension. Both are high-speed types of phone lines for faster connection to Internet. To communicate with the Internet through a firewall, you must configure the Web browsers to request Web s from the firewall's proxy server, the program that filters packets of information between intranet and Internet.

RealAudio is sometimes used to distribute special-interest radio broadcasts gay local chat lines the like.

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When you can see an image chepa up of dots of many colors under magnification, use JPEG. Baud: The of electrical symbols per second that a modem sends down a phone line. The simplest scanners give the contents of the to the computer as a graphic image — a handy way of putting pictures into the computer. Print URL on business cards, stationery, and yellow sissy chat city ad.

Newservers store Usenet newsgroup articles that you can read and send if you have a news client or newsreader. Publicizing your site. Your Web s link to a metafile, a small text file that contains the name and location of the actual audio file.

Web guides: Web guides are a top-down approach to finding your way around the Web. Users of the Internet can exchange electronic mail, participate in electronic discussion forums newsgroupssend files video chat nude any computer to any other via FTP, retrieve information via Gopher or HTTP, and even use each other's computers directly via Telnet.

An audio style sheet may describe voice and accent, and would be associated with a text document. File transfer is different for each Chaf.

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GIFs are drawings and artwork created on a computer including clip art, icons, screen captures, and text. Another is that the format that may be wymondham chat room sex free for a given spyder to understand, may not be the format that the author wishes to present to his viewers for aesthetics. An intranet is an organization that has its own computers linked in an Internet-like network.

Types of s: a. Port : An identifying ased to each program that is chatting on the Net. Web site owners fill out questionnaires, then ratings organizations issue ratings labels for their Web sites. You first link to the tiny metafile, the browser hands the metafile over to the player, which then streams the actual sound file.

Chat can be real-time communication. Vocabulary Week 1 1.

Started as a Dungeons and Dragons type of game that many people can play at one time; now, it's an Internet subculture. Vocabulary Week 5 1.

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Port FTP or file transfer b. A database of web robots is maintained by Webcrawler. Changing the style sheet would change how the text is read, not the text itself. It provides free services such as Web guides, search engines, chat rooms, e-mail s, news services, etc.