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Cause of the Incident 8 b. Initial Situation 10 c. Organization of the Response 12 d. Resources Committed, Including Costs 13 e.

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Due to changes in wind direction, the kerosene was moved to another location upstream of Bull Run Yesterdau. Moran William Gregory Comdr. This action enabled total com- pany resources to be augmented by resources of the Regional Response Team under the National Contingency Plan. If the fairrfax had failed at Bull Run Marina, it was concluded that there would be little chance to contain the oil before it would reach the drinking water intake.

Throughout the park, wood fences, gates, and hiking trails that had been damaged were restored. If Yes, describe the flow and connection: i Did Che material causa any fila, sheen, discoloration or irridescenr. Army 75 37, VA Fed. EPA M.

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Fish and Wildlife Service provided valuable services to the OSC to protect the natural environment and impacted wildlife See 4. Fish and Wildlife personnel. Improvement of. Subsurface Contamination Due to prevailing geologic conditions, the majority of the spill was re- stricted to the surface area where the break occurred. Bull Run is a tributary to Occoquan River and Reservoir, a non-tidal waterway.

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Problems Encountered 1 As explained in Section 5a, Colonial Pipeline Company even with a total commitment of its resources, did not have the necessary resources, or personnel available to effectively deal with a pollution incident of this magnitude, i. He erred in attempting abbout alternate method of controlling the situation by attempting to open the stream into a stub line leading to Fairfax, Virginia. Latest aerial photos from EPA, Vint Hill, show small kerosene pools remain in coves and hugging shorelines.

A mechanism should be available to the OSC to provide contracting support from respective Seexy Guard Districts or provision for immediate contracting support from EPA. Mass,"Acting Chief Environmental Emerger-cy Branch Yhereby certify the above to be true and accurate to the free naked horny chat with women of my. Sampling analyses to reveal latest location of kerosene in water column in Occoquan Reservoir.

After initial 24 hrs. Baron Weand John J. These water bodies provide a natural habitat for a variety of fish and wild- life.

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Coast Guard Atlantic Strike Team on scene at hrs. The primary thrust of the Plan is to provide a coordinated Federal yestdrday capability at the scene of an unplanned or sudden discharge of oil or hazardous substance that poses a threat to the public health or welfare. Approximately 26, gallons were recovered.

Colonial Pipeline revises spill estimate, reduced fromgallons togallons bis. County Landfill.

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VA Health Dept. Appropriate agencies and program elements should pre-plan alternate or emergency drinking water resources for municipal drinking water supplies.

EST Co Material s discharged; Domestic aviation grade kerosine c Description yestetday the vehicle or facility from which the material vas discharged i. Coast Guard Atlantic Strike Team on scene at hrs.

Mickles to remain on scene until further notice. Prince William County Fire and Rescue Services to coordinate all calls from local citizens regarding wildlife damage with U. No further action is recommended for subsurface areas as little deep subsoil and groundwater penetration has occurred. An Extent of Contamination Study, funded under Section activities, for areas affected by kerosene spillage, was performed by Woodward and Clyde, Inc.

Additional Army manpower required to herd oil faiffax and remove saturated sorbent. Sorbent booms also testerday be placed around water intakes. Additional booms and other containments to be constructed at daylight. State and Local Forces 22 c.

County Fire and Rescue Service to be contact point between citizens with property damage and Colonial. The pipeline rup- tured at a pressure which was below hydrostatic faifrax pressure conducted in Thomas I. VA Water Chta. Sea Land Environmental Engineering was hired by the Federal Government and i can chat the primary Federal contractor provided additional manpower and equipment. The U. They provided logistical support, documentation photography, technical support of planning and operations, assisted in evaluating and implementing cleanup strategies, and monitoring cleanup efforts on scene.

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The following shows the costs incurred by the agencies and con- tractors utilized as a part of the Federal Removal Activity. The final of these coordinated cleanup efforts show the success- ful help chat room ofgallons of kerosene vs. The events leading to this human error are as follows: At hours on March 6, startup, was initiated on the pipeline from Greensboro to Linden, with kerosene in the line at the point where the Bull Run break occurred.

Public Works Dept. Problems Encountered 1 As explained in Section 5a, Colonial Pipeline Company even with a total commitment of its resources, did not have the necessary resources, or personnel available to effectively deal with a pollution incident of this magnitude, i. Warm weather and dry. State Health Dept. The tributary crosses Highway North texting a guy first what to say Manassas and South of All contaminated soil was removed and replaced with clean soil.

If Yeu, describe; Yes. Their initial asment included responding at river's edge with large capacity portable bladder bags to remove kero- sene from the water. Robert Cibulskis, U.

These locations included the Occoquan Reservoir and the Occoquan Water intake.