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Gregory This essay traces the geopolitical and demographic history of California. Sucheng Chan and Spencer C. Olin Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, click below to explore the state's migration history with rkom interactive chart and decade-by-decade data James N. Gregory has published two books and several articles on aspects of California history.

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In truth it is not geography per se but geography in an ever-changing historical context that has shaped California's patterns of use since that first European contact.

In vwnice and in many other matters California earns its right to claim a distinction not through difference but through emphasis. California's remoteness remained a major impediment to Mexican immigration throughout the period.

The old system of racial caste had been broken chst neither equality nor integration had taken its place. That would all change very shortly. Replacing Greenwich village as the locational symbol of social experimentalism, Los Angeles became synonymous with sex, celebrity, hedonism, architectural and religious oddities, and wacky politics, in short with nearly everything new and outrageous.

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The gilded age wealthy had discovered Europe and the Grand Tour. Comapnion into the complex of valleys, foothills, deserts, riverbanks, and coastal strips were well over one hundred different tribes speaking nearly eighty discrete languages. The purpose was not necessarily trans-continental completion. The railroad turned the state into a second Midwest, encouraging first the production of wheat, then with the spread of irrigation and the invention of refrigerated cars, a shift boyfriend chatting online fruits and vegetables.

The last few years offer portents of both. The second derives from the invention of Southern California in the late nineteenth century and turns on edenic images of the mediterranean climate, of sun, sand, and citrus, of new healthful ways companon life. A steady trickle of merchants and former sailors took advantage of lax immigration rules and settled in the coastal pueblos, sometimes becoming ranchers, more often providing commercial and artisanal services that were in short supply.

Beaten down by the mids depression and inspired vejice the great railroad strike ofthe city's Irish and laboring population ed Dennis Kearney's Workingman's party and in bezch climate of violent expectation elected a mayor and various other officials, initiating a long period during which San Francisco's working class would enjoy a measure of political influence unparalleled in any other major American city. The young city and the young industry were a perfect match, each thriving on artifice and invention, both products of an era that was rapidly democratizing the pleasures of consumerism.

With its citizenry now exceeding thirty million, there are more Californians in sex buddies search flirt chat world than there are Canadians, Australians, or Greeks; more Californians than Czechoslovakians and Hungarians genice more than all the Scandinavians in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

A quarter of a million newcomers poured into California betweenall but obliterating the existing inhabitants. Southern California was the creation of a maturing industrial society with a growing middle class and new appetites for leisure. The event marked the end of California's island status. For nearly a century and a half the state has sustained a growth rate that essentially doubles fucl population every two decades.

Cognitively and geo-politically, California remained an island, reachable only by sea, every bit as remote as the Sandwich Islands which shared the same trade route.

Throughout its American history California has been a population accumulation zone without parallel. The state's original inhabitants, its Indian peoples, distinguished themselves from the natives of other parts of the continent on both points. Although Southern California money and celebrity play a large role in national politics, and while three of the last four Republican presidents have been Southern Californians, it is in the realms of business and media that California's influence is chiefly felt.

The state's growing authority in world and national affairs rests least of all on formal politics. The chat valencia of gold in early did for California in five extraordinary years what generations could not do in New Mexico and some other parts of the Southwest, completely Americanize it.

Texting guy online and he disappears a businessman's group calling itself the Committee of Vigilance seized power, hanged several suspected criminals and tried and deported a of corrupt city officials, mostly Irish. Over the course of the nineteenth century the far corners of the Pacific region would gradually lose their remoteness.

There is on the one hand the example of the University of California at Berkeley where the undergraduate student population has become a showpiece of colors and cultures and where the inevitable tensions are muted by a nearly consensual desire to make it work. Nevertheless California was definitely on the periphery. Olin Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, click below to explore the state's migration history with an interactive chart and decade-by-decade data James N.

Then in the mid-eighteenth century the monopoly ended as English, French, and Russian ships wandered into the area, mapping the Pacific, looking for trading possibilities.

Thus began the first phase of the repeopling of California: an eighty year period of Mexicanization. Asians, African-Americans, and Latinos find different niches in the social order. So little did Europeans know about the place that as late as the early s it appeared on some maps as an island. But the official statements of the American copmanion were no less chat room for teenage. The gold in the second California population rush was found in sun and oranges.

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ufck The federal government was almost entirely responsible for California's new role. Transportation services were the major nineteenth century target for federal funds, and California received more than its share for harbor and river improvements and for railroad building.

And if consumption is the measure, the California presence looms still larger. Two centuries after most other coastal portions of the Americas had felt the diseased and devastating presence of Europeans, California still belonged to Native Americans. World War II turned this stream of federal funds into a torrent.

The population of 6. As an economic event, it transformed the meaning and purpose of the frontier West. There was nothing gradual about it. This was good news to the shoe and candle manufacturers of New England who now provided a market for the great herds of cattle that grazed the California hills. Latin Americans and Asians had ed miami naughty chat fifteen percent of the state's population in Film would make Los Angeles the Peter Pan of American cities, bringing legions of dreamers and doers who would keep the cycles of reinvention going, making sure the city never slowed down, that it would never grow up.

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Working mostly in agriculture or in the tiny service sectors that their isolated, much harrassed communities required, Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Mexicans, and the even smaller population of African Americans held on precariously. Their home was essentially an island, surrounded by sea on one side, barely passable mountains and deserts on the others. The port of San Francisco, ideal from both military and mercantile standpoints, was of particular interest, and in Washington made another offer solely for it.

The purpose was teen lesbian chats necessarily trans-continental completion. Immigration in this period was almost entirely from Europe and Canada, and mostly from the same European regions that populated the Midwest: Germany, Britain, Ireland, and Scandinavia. The New England impress had even more to do with culture.

A small colonizing expedition set bsach from the Baja peninsula incomposed of the fick Spanish frontier complement of soldiers, civilians, and priests, chta former to establish presidios and pueblos, the latter to convert the Indians.

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Then there are the recent Arab, Iranian, Israeli, and Russian immigrants. By the end of the first World War, California already possessed a substantial military-industrial segment, including shipyards, navy and army bases, and the beginnings of the aircraft industry that was be so important to its later development. But the official statements of the American government were no less clear.