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Gay college chat

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Mike Muska is in a category that's even more rare than openly gay athletes -- openly gay officials. A former track and field coach at Auburn and Northwestern, Muska was twice named Southeastern Conference coach of the year and has helped 20 athletes reach All-America honors. He later moved to Brown University, where he publicly disclosed his homosexuality.

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That's something we certainly try to do here at Oberlin.

Research released Tuesday suggests that for some, the Internet serves the same hazardous purpose as gay bathhouses did in the early s, when the AIDS virus first spread rampantly among homosexual men. Do you agree or disagree?

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A few years ago, a straight ally and I were talking about the collee situation and whether gays might be looking at straights. I do not want to work in an environment where I do not feel safe or supported.

Why are you gay? Michael Muska: In many ways, the reactions have been just the opposite. There have been a couple other coaches and administrators who have felt uncomfortable in their environments -- in other words, they are gay coaches and administrators who haven't come out yet -- and have said, "Way to go. So yes, I'm sure it's cost me other jobs, if I decided to pursue them. It's fhat been an issue of discussion on the men's side. It's something that I always realized, but fought for many years, particularly because of my love of athletics.

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And I see sports as just a microcosm of other parts of society. They believe it's not their issue, that there's no gay athletes out there -- which we all know is false. Can you talk about some of your experiences in that environment? What is your answer to one of the questions on the ESPN xollege -- on the relative percentage of gays in sports to gays in society? In some ways, I feel a little bit like a role model. If we can create that environment and that attracts more gay athletes here, and it makes our programs better, all the better.

Michael Muska: That a senior cyber chat rooms male athlete can't be as tough as a straight male athlete.

Tips for Gay College Students

Michael Muska: I believe it's not a choice. For most gay male athletes, that's their biggest fear -- of discovery. Bubba: I wouldn't ask you chat rooms xxx name names, but are you aware of any major college or pro gay athletes? Seminole I'm gay and a coach. We've had to deal with so many other things in our lives beyond the athletic arena. fay

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I've never had this happen, but I've tried to figure out what I would do in the situation. Dave: Have you ever had athletes in any of your programs who did gaj accept your sexual orientation? Has there been any move to do so? It's an unwillingness to address the issue.

I've never had this happen, but I've tried to figure out what I would do in the situation. Michael Muska: It's prevented me collegge pursuing certain jobs, because I've realized those would not be environments where I would not be comfortable being who I am. Michael Muska: I guess I don't know why it would be any different than what it is in society.

Michael Muska: I believe it's not a choice. Has there been any move to do so? Jerry: I was wondering how you would alton chat flirting with the following situation -- you had a openly cchat athlete on the team, and the rest gaj the team refused to dress in the same locker room with that athlete. Just wondering if you feel like you're somewhat of a role model among the gay community in sports. Below is an edited transcript: Moderator Tom Farrey: Hello, everyone.

The reality is, of course, in every school and situation, there are going to be some people uncomfortable with this issue, but I'd like coloege think that Oberlin is a place that is a little more open-minded than other places. It seems to be much more of a media issue clllege women's athletics, while many in male athletics would like to believe that we're not there.

Michael Muska: It would be an excellent teaching moment, and a situation in which you could sit down and talk to the team about what the reasons were relative to granny sex chat switzer concerns.

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Michael Muska: I agree that it's a bigger issue in male athletics, and for many people being chzt as a female athlete might even be seen as a of strength or masculinity -- whereas on the male side it can be perceived as weakness or femininity, something an opponent might see as a chance to create an advantage by.

Cardinal: I think homophobia is a primarily male phenomenon when it comes to athletics. Michael Muska: I don't know of any.