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To view this licence, visit nationalarchives. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. The following information is provided to help British nationals overseas make decisions about whether and how to seek medical advice and attention; report to local police; and engage with foreign legal authorities following a rape or other form of sexual assault overseas.

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However, state-funded financial aid and amounts awarded as compensation or damages are offset between the Spanish authorities involved. If you are going back to the UK the NHS may be able to commence or continue the day treatment on your return.

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No police report is needed. A forensic doctor will be called out to attend to you and this may involve a long wait at the hospital.

You will not be expected to meet, coincide or speak looking to talk dirty and meet up the suspected assailant at the court or at the police station. Prisoners are encouraged to voluntary rehabilitation programmes in prison, which entail certain prisoner privileges. Or they sometimes throw LGBT swingers events that may or may not interest you. The alleged assailant can press counter charges claiming false accusations.

Normally the report will be in Spanish. It can therefore be very difficult to guarantee that any justice can be accessed without reporting the crime in Spain. It is advisable to read the whole document to help you come to a decision on what to do next. You can: contact the emergency in Spain which is Cases can take years to come to trial, as the Spanish court system is very slow. If you are leaving Spain in the next few days you may be asked to go to court immediately or the next morning after making your report to the police.

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For a list of private English-speaking lawyers please visit List of lawyers for the Madrid Consular District. They will provide you with legal and other advice even if you are not normally resident in Madrid.

This is the case, although it is under review, in central Madrid where you will need a police report to be attended to at the Hospital Universitario La Paz. State-appointed lawyers are not obliged to speak the language of the person they are representing. Please note the latter is means-tested and depends on your income. If you are ready to talk about it the following organisations may be able to help you. Swingers clubs gay chat modern be extremely hit or miss.

If you intend to stay in Spain, you may be asked to reconfirm your report at a later date. You will not usually receive these back. If you apply for a state-appointed lawyer or appoint a private lawyer, this person will be able to obtain updates for you from the court. We can provide you with lists of English-speaking medical facilitiesprivate lawyers and translators.

When contacting them they gave us a list of the cities with the most active female users on the site earlier this year and Madrid was one of the few with over 1, Once you are in just remember to treat everyone with respect.

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Sometimes teen chats sites clubs are only open on weekends or they may have various theme nights. You will also be informed of the right to apply for financial aid to help cover costs such as treatment for psychological and physical injuries.

The amount will be published in the sentence. No police report needed. They may also take you to the scene of the crime or where you think the attacker may be located. Instant messenger You can make initial contact with us through the Instant Messaging facility which is on our website at www.

You may also be prescribed antibiotics. To view this licence, visit nationalarchives.

Of course there are going to be more guys on the site, just as more guys are interested in going to an orgy. Mon — Thurs also: 5. The police pass any information to the investigating court and therefore, all requests for updates rokm to be directed to the court.

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You will need a police report. The Spanish police and court will be able to provide you with information on how to apply for girlx legal aid from the State, which is means tested and depends on your income. You will only have to be present when you give evidence. You may also be asked to agree to having a mouth swab taken at the time you make your statement.

If you want us to, we can contact your family or friends for you. We will help you where we can, and can provide information on local police and medical procedures. Compensation or an award for damages ordered by the court is separate from your right to apply for state-funded financial aid to cover costs as mentioned above. It cannot be guaranteed that the Spanish police or doom Spanish court will decide pro anorexia chat rooms take up the case via wnat UK police, and if they do, this is a very lengthy process.

If you want to report the incident to the police in Mwdrid If you have a tour operator, they should be able to arrange for someone to rokm you. The length of the trial depends on the complexity of the case but can be as little as a day or a few hours. The consulate does not offer interpreting or translation services but may be able to assist you in exceptional circumstances.

You will then probably be asked to go to the court to reconfirm or ratify your statement before a Judge and Prosecutor.