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Find a Chatroom! Welcome to MagnaChat, a classy and exciting chat community where there is something for almost everyone and the users create their own chatrooms. We offer chatrooms for you and your friends, and message boards for long ongoing discussions. We are rapidly expanding our user base and content, so please check back frequently. If there is a chat topic that we don't offer that you are interested in, then check out the "Manage Your Own Room" option. With it, you can be your own Room Manager, set the rules, and remove those who don't follow them.

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LiveOnstage: What gifts have you received on you birthday?

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The band, Roxy Music, of which he was the lead singer supported me several times in the very early seventies. When do I get the magja

You will shortly straighten up and find yourself heading for the record racks marked proper manga. BowieLive: Still feeling with my fingers after all these years. All right, half my age. Whatever you do, do not read them as this will turn you off gardening and into music.

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I found they have a of uses. I was advised that my stunning wit would not go down well. Thanks to everybody for ing us. BowieLive: For those of you who've followed my stuff all these years, thanks for a thrilling ride. All chatters eoom be 18 or over. Magna Chat is the place where Magna chatters come to chat with anyone from anywhere around the world.

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LiveOnstage: What do you feel about "Jungle? Three Oblique Strategies taped together often provide a substantial splint and will encourage growth in the most devastated plant. Stay tuned for more Bowie birthday fan wishes A part symphonic tribute to Vegas in Prostitute chat, and then I shall head back into the studio. We offer chatrooms for you and your friends, and message boards for long ongoing discussions. Hopefully, I'll still be touring, so I won't have to prove I can walk that far.

Question from Nevsky David, have you been to Tibet? Smile BowieLive: Biggest gift: Friends and family have spent the day with me. Then Alex got even further carried away and cut bits of it up. BowieLive: Yes, but I couldn't possibly explain as it incorporates a visual joke.

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On a more sensible note, we have devined, augered, whatever. BowieLive: Boy, was that a general question or what?

This was hard to believe. This year I had my first chance which, unfortunately, because of work got messed up.

LiveOnstage: How do you feel about your older albums now? Other WeirdTown Chat Rooms Tell your friend about this chat room: International Chat Free chat room where anyone from anywhere in the world can talk about any random topics. BowieLive: I'm playing it as we speak.

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Note, this site "may" contain adult content that could be offensive to some viewers. We are rapidly expanding our user base and content, so please check back frequently.

Hopefully, this will sell in such huge s that I will be able to sue myself for an extraordinary amount of money and finance the film version in which I nagna play everybody. Question from Torch Have you done writing - outside of music? I unfortunately never got to meet Kurt Cobain.

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BowieLive: I would anticipate the year Hopefully, Eno and I will actually have finished the CD's to put in it, but I assure you the artwork will be terrific. At the moment, my two favorites are "Repetition" rook the "Lodger" album, and "Seven Years in Tibet" from the "Earthling" album.

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Question from Krkstr: Will you work with Brian Ferry? I want to Chat!

Yahoo personals chat Thank you, David Bowie, for ing us on this special day! My great interest in gardening has thrown me many curve balls. VirginRec: Sounds great. Teen Chat Let's bag your homework. BowieLive: The union jacket was deed by myself and Alex McQueen, this week's enfant terrible of the British fashion scene. BowieLive: I couldn't explain the feeling.

BowieLive: Having vhat occasion to update so many of my more obscure songs for my work on stage at the moment, I get to revise my choice every few weeks.