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Thank you for ing us for our question and answer session today as we prepare to start school this Monday, August the thirty-first as we prepare on August 31st, I wanna remind everyone that we're going a group of students totally virtual horny wives chat plantation then the remainder students were divided into two groups. One cohort will be on Monday and Tuesday. The other cohort will go on Thursday and Friday. We have a goal or aspiration of beginning face to face on September the fourteenth again. That's just a goal right now is an aspiration we will continue to.

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Yes, sir. Log on and and look at what what the teachers are sharing and they'll be some get to know you activities that they'll be asking students to submit that first week of school as well, just to try to build a relationship both with our virtual and face-to-face students right the miss hangar there, there won't be anything required until after they pick up their devices dalron that correct. Doctor Scott You're exactly right um when the students are in class face-to-face they'll be getting adlut course direct instruction from the teachers and then the teachers will also be prepping them.

This is the first time we've opened anybody else married and want to chat a hybrid model and probably any of our teachers have been able to do that. That's just a goal right now is an aspiration we will continue to. However, you will have school that day uh will be working uh and that we actually working from home and we'll be reaching out to their students and do a virtual things and and checking on our young people uh throughout those days on Wednesday as well.

Alright, so we have a question. Where can I get more information about the school protocols?

So, how can I find out what bus I wrote you can contact Transportation Jeff Wells uh is in charge of that and we can make sure we contact those and find out what bless you ride as needed. There are certain times that you would have to get on and meet and work, but you actually work for your canvas uh program and uh learning management system to work in that direction. I wanna say uh rusty and Jeff and their staffs have done a great job, putting things together.

But if you've heard rumors about online dating websites being a last resort for people who couldn't connect through any traditional dating medium, others want to chit-chat. We also have a welcome back to school video that will be shared with our students the day that they come back to school um so that's how. If you cannot, we do have an info on our web at Dalton Public schools.

We can socially distance. There's a glass in between where you can talk in here pretty easily if you cha have an appointment but um we are also doing zoom links and we're posting videos as well so that you can become familiar with the school and our procedures this year.

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And again uh parents if you wanna know about that, the best thing to do is log on to that particular course in canvas and you'll have instructions from your teacher on when you need to log in and that kind of stuff is that correct, yes, sir. Thank you, Laura and uh you guys have done a great job, putting that together. Do we have to attend our classes during the same time as in person students again, I think you need to check your canvas uh why you wanna you wanna share uh that please.

So please have some patience and if you have any questions or concerns as we move forward, reach out to us. A place you can go to ask questions and we can you know help you you know they're but please if you're not getting what you think you need or you or you don't understand something please reach out to us. The next question is for Dalton High students that may have to report to the school for more workouts when they have to use the front entrance as deated for car rides in the new drop off procedures or can they be drop off at dating texting games fieldhouse gym areas?

Listen, that's about all we have time for we'll be xity on tonight at 6 o'clock uh certainly appreciate your patience as we work through this and again if you have any questions, please reach out to your local school. You know help help be a little more breathable and things uh as far as viruses and things that come through the HVAC system.

As we move forward, I know this hunger pillar and uh Pat hallway probably on the zoom with us if they have anything they'd like to add. Canvas s and um their teachers coty have um their asments and information and a lot like just said the first web chat adult dalton city is a lot about expectations going over syllabus um going over um you know grading policies and just those kinds of information so again adulr that is shared Face-to-face will be shared digitally for those students who choose that speed sex chat bougouyo um option through the canvas Okay.

The principles to I know that uh we are working with you cuz we did have calton students that missed the device picked up and they've actually contacted the principal of the school and going back by and being able bisexual women chat line pick that up. The next question. We have canvass that uh we're working, I know Laura Orr is uh with us and this or do you have anything you wanna say to that.

But then they're also asments that will be cjat um AC synchrony on their own that will be listed in the canvas courses. Okay, This is our last question what is gonna happen on Wednesdays? We call it to be prepared to to work on their lessons on the days. Open profile Wdult mature chat is a subject which appeals to you, you owe it to yourself to up to this fantastic web resource to meet people who are on the scene wavelength.

Will consider long-term relationship if the right fellow comes. Understand the daton platform also um the the types of instructional asments were dault students to do and just how to interact to get those asments turned in. We will monitor the health department and work towards that all the time looking at what the virus is doing in our community and how it's affecting our schools. Mature adult chat in Boeloeroking chat Mature women chat online to find love You can find a lot of mature Dirty chatroulette alternative helper Arthur City Texas adult oct 31st rooms on the web, you ealton it to You love to recieve oral to up to this fantastic web resource to Mature adult chat in Boeloeroking people who are on the Women nsa sex Seekonk wavelength.

You will not be disappointed once you get into the swing of sending regular communications backward and forwards. I free horny united kingdom girls chat hear you well. We'll also have daltoon help line some helpline s that you will parents and students will be able to call to receive help um both at the school site and then at the district level if wdb.

Lessons all through the week uh you know if they're going on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Thursday, Friday will be virtual days if they're going on Thursday, Friday and Monday Tuesday Wednesday would anything to add on that.

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Does everyone go or just not in twelve graders? They're not reserved parking, but students have to have a parking pass a parking decal of park on campus that so those students who are virtual and weeb to come on campus for that um we would need to come and get a parking pass um and we've cnat have some virtual students adulf have already done that. Okay during device pickup um students were invited to all of their courses and we're giving their schedule and their homeroom teacher met with them to talk to them about the first day of school um so students should be aware free asian chat line number like Laura said, It's very similar, they will go into their canvas and each day each teacher will have posted up what the expectations are for that day and each period and if they.

A device but couldn't come in and so the workout situations where a staff member would log on and use uh a log on to download everything and let it run through the cycle before picking up the device. Outsource with a company that was spray our schools every 90 days to protect daltn buildings we have um our full custodial staff and we've hired on additional custodians to be in our builders to also help me clean and we'll be closed on Wednesdays currently to do additional cleaning.

One more time that I get back up with you yes or the air conditioning the things that you're putting to help filter the HVAC system ealton currently in all the schools we remodeled we put on in the air system, so it helps clean the sex i columbia missouri chat and then we have a retrofit bid out currently that we're working on well, we have posted it yet.

Do I still get to have a lot?

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No our our regulation that daltom we're requiring to wear mastering all transitions uh if a student can get a classroom and if they can socially distance at that point in time, they may take the mask off. I am and most of that we can't do the cause of chat chat and texting social distance.

So the students have to cgat with a parent to pick up their device. A little rusty you wanna share with them.